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Project Cases
Reservoir Project

Turia Reservoir Project in Madagascar

This project was designed to use tubular piles and regular sheet piles to build up a combi wall. However, considering the convenience during installation, the project owner finally changed and used Box Piles, which consists of two pieces of U-type sheet piles. Our engineer then optimized the design to help the client save the total quantities of piles and thus save the cost...

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Port project

Manila North Port Phase 2 & Phase 3 (PHILIPPINES)

With ports in Manila nearing 90% utilization, the port of Manila North Harbour required an upgrading to allow larger international cargo vessels and RO-ROs to dock. It was thus necessary for the port equipments such as ship-to-shore cranes and RTGs to be upgraded in the port. One of the key portions in the rehabilitation project was installing a brand new stretch of 1.3km rails for new Ship-to-Shore cranes to operate on...

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Reservoir Project

Sepangar Shipyard Project

Sepanggar Island (Malay: Pulau Sepanggar) is an island located off Sepanggar.Product model used, Steel sheet piles profile: SLZ9-1,SLZ13-4,SLZ15-2,SLZ17-7,SLZ27-2...

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Port project

Hospital Construction Project in Sudan

The construction cost is greatly saved, and the construction period is shortened exponentially.Product model used,Steel sheet piles profile: SLU12-600 (600*380*8.5).Length: 18m...

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Port project

Manzanillo Intercoastal Terminal Project Panama

Steel sheet piles profile: Z shape steel sheet pile, SLZ 26-2.this is the only sheet pile in Z Shape on the market which can rival our competitor piles in terms of weight and strength requirements...

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About us
about us
Shunli Steel Group is the pioneer of the global cold-formed sheet-pile industry. Additionally, Shunli Steel Group is the number one manufacturer of the combination piling wall system, and the originator of composite underground steel structures.

No matter where you travel in the world: the Palermo Port of Italy, the Montoir Port in France, Baltimore in the United States, Gladstone in Australia, or the various railways, highways, canals, skyscrapers, and bridges in China, you will find the appearance of Shunli products.

Serving over 70 countries and regions, Shunli’s worldwide sales network has allowed Shunli to secure the number one position in annual output, sales, and export volume throughout China.

Since 1996, Shunli Steel Group has completed the integration of comprehensively superior processes, procedures, resources, and products. Shunli Steel Group is proud to be furthering its advancements through global expansion. Shunli now posses two production basis – Shunli Steel China and Shunli Steel USA.

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