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Combined Walls

Combined walls system are a combination of sheet piling and steel pipes or King piles to achieve a bigger moment where single sheet piles can not bear the loads. Combiwalls are particularly used in deep excavation and heavy marine environments in which extensive strength and longevity are key components. The possibility to use different combinations in combined walls allows them to take loads that cannot be taken by conventional sheet piles. Due to the arching effect the king piles bear all the loads and intermediate sheet piles have only an earth-retaining and load-transfer function and they may be shorter than the king piles.

The OZ Combi-wall System, also called Tubular Combi-wall System, is composed of pipe, cold-rolled or hot-rolled C9 connectors, and Z intermediary sheet pilings. The interlocks are welded to the pipe to connects the pipe to the sheet pile. The pressure is transferred to the pipe from Z sheet pile. Pipe piles in Tubular OZ Combi-wall System usually have large diameters to retain members and bear vertical loads. Sheet piles are usually shorter than the pipe piles because they are designed to retain earth and transfer load. We can produce both hot-rolled and cold-rolled connectors to satisfied different requirements.

HZ Combi-wall system, also known as HZM king pile, fulfills two different structural functions: retaining members for soil and hydrostatic pressures and bearing piles for vertical loads. The interlocks are welded to the H king pile to connects the H king pile to the sheet pile. The sheet piles are usually shorter than the H king piles combined together. The king piles are designed to carry substantial vertical loads in addition to the normal bending loads. They are widely used in port constructions and deep foundations because of their high bending resistance and stiffness. The outstanding feature of the HZ Combi-wall system is the extensive range of possible combinations. We can design for our customers according to their requirements.

Combined Walls:

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