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Steel pipe pile product comparison Introduction: A500 VS A513

We often encounter a problem: when customers buy steel pipe piles, they often assume that the specifications are interchangeable, but when we dig into the specifications, we see significant differences.

Steel pipe pile

What is the A500 steel pipe pile?

A500 steel pipe piles have many different names - for square and rectangular, it is called structural pipe or high-speed steel (or hollow structural section). It is usually called a structural tube or tube size tube. The A500 product is used in applications requiring load-bearing applications. Because of its aesthetic appeal, the A500 is often used as a rock hall showcase at such well-known architectural wonders in Cleveland, OH. When you order A500 tubing from the factory, you are using a metro or material test report that shows not only the chemical composition of the coil used to make the tubing but also the yield, tensile and elongation properties provided. The reporting of physical properties is one of the main differences between A500 and A513 materials.

What is the A513 steel pipe pile?

A513 Steel Pipe Pile for Mechanical Tubing, in multiple consumer-based applications that require tighter tolerances but do not involve the load-bearing properties of the material itself. Applications for the A513 can include recreational vehicle use of lawnmower handles or parts.

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