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How to Choose the Suitable sheet piles for Cofferdam in a Soft Soil Environment

The use of sheet pile cofferdams is ideal for construction in high plastic soft soil environments. The highly plastic flow box of the steel sheet pile can effectively complete the plugging of soil pits.

Steel sheet piles can be inserted into hard soil, which can overcome the problem of their uplift pits. To avoid deformation, do not insert into soft soil. Inserting corner sheet piles pulls anchors (slabs or bracing) laterally along the summit and requires less time to operate.

The excavation works are temporary, so the construction can be done by renting sheet piles. Cost-saving methods are prevalent this week.

In general, steel sheet piles can ensure the safety and reliability of the scheme, and the construction speed is fast, so it has a cost advantage and is especially suitable for high-flow shaping Ningbo pits.

Shunli Iron and Steel Group has 55 production lines, modern steel sheet pile production lines, spiral pipe pile production lines, H-type composite pile production lines, anti-corrosion, welding, pipe lock and other heavy-duty steel production lines, all of which are at the leading level in the world.

Technology innovation is the rapid development of genes; China's first cold-formed sheet piles patent was born in Shunli, Shun force to create the technology research and development team to lead the development of the global sheet piles direction, won more than 20 national invention patents, utility model patent.

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