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Sheet Pile Projects

Manila North Port Phase 2 and Phase 3,Philippines

Project Details:

With ports in Manila nearing 90% utilization, the port of Manila North Harbour required an upgrading to allow larger international cargo vessels and RO-ROs to dock. It was thus necessary for the port equipments such as ship-to-shore cranes and RTGs to be upgraded in the port. One of the key portions in the rehabilitation project was installing a brand new stretch of 1.3km rails for new Ship-to-Shore cranes to operate on.

Working closely with appointed consultants and engineering departments of Manila North Harbour, our team provided all the necessary steel solutions and assistance for the project.

We completed all the necessary delivery of the materials within the tight timeline and is continuously providing follow-up and checks with the owner and the sub-contractor.

Steel sheet piles profile: SLZ37-1, SLZ17-2.

Material: ASTM A690(Marine steel grade).

Anti-corrosion requirement & Specifications:

Painting Brand: PPG Protective &Marine Coatings.

Specifications: 3 layers, Sandblasting level SA2.5, DFT = 420 microns.

6m coating length for SLZ37-1 piles (total coating area: 20840m2).

18.9m coating length for SLZ26-2 double sheet pile (total coating area: 15440m2).

Full length coating for H pile (total coating area: 3600m2).

Whole Coating Procedure under witness of PPG Engineers and Client Inspectors

Project Photos:

U Type Sheet Piling Z Type Sheet Piling
Cold Rolled Omega Type Trench Sheet
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