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How to deal with problems in the construction process sheet piling encountered

In the construction of steel sheet piles, we will encounter some problems. Here we share with you five problems encountered in piling and practical solutions.

sheet piling construction

1. In the construction of steel sheet piles, since the lock opening of the steel sheet pile is hinged, torsion occurs during the pile application. The following measures can be taken: lock the front lock opening of the sheet pile with a card plate along the direction of piling; In the gap between the two sides of the pile, a pulley bracket is set to prevent the rotation of the sheet pile during the sinking; on the two sides of the lock connection of the two sheet piles, a pad iron or a wooden tenon is used to plug it firmly.

2. Large stones or other unknown obstacles are sometimes encountered during the piling process, resulting in an insufficient depth of steel sheet piling. Solution: If the site conditions permit, the obstacles can be avoided, and the arcs can be bypassed to ensure the continuity of the steel sheet piles.

3. In the construction of steel sheet piles, due to the large resistance between the locks, if the piles are driving the adjacent piles to sink together, the adjacent steel sheet piles can be fixed by angle iron temporary welding, on-site lock welding or bolt connection.

4. In the construction of steel sheet piles, due to the large resistance between the pile application and the adjacent piled locks and the small pile driving resistance in the direction of piling, the top of the steel sheet pile is inclined to the direction of piling, and wire ropes can pull the pile body. Pull while driving and gradually correct it; the reverse tilt deviation can also be properly reserved for the piles that have been driven; if the single-pile driving method is used, the piling method should be changed to the screen-type driving method to correct the slope.

5. The sealing and water-stop of steel sheet piles are usually welded by a lock. To get a good welding effect, we must clean the metal surface and carry it out in a dry environment. According to the gap size between the adjacent locks, fillet welding, metal rod welding sealing and steel plate welding sealing can be used at the joints, respectively.

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