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Calculation steel sheet pile retaining content

In recent years, with the increase in railway construction, steel sheet piles have gradually begun to be used for excavation construction. There are many large-span continuous bridge projects in this type of project. To meet the structural requirements of these projects, engineers add more support and size cover and increase the excavation size. Excavation has become an essential part of the construction. However, due to the outsourcing policy of many small and medium-sized projects, these small construction units professional and technical personnel is not complete, and the design and construction process of steel sheet pile retaining often overlooked security pit.

Calculation steel sheet pile retaining content

Steel sheet pile support needs to be lifted off the ground by feeling or referring to the support plan of other projects. This practice often leads to errors due to the operator's inexperience. In the construction process, the steel sheet piles are mostly leased heavy steel sheet piles. Check the firmness of the steel sheet piles before operation. To avoid accidents during construction, we need to conduct reasonable design calculations for steel sheet pile support.

The steel-sheet-pile-support-design mainly considers the following aspects:

The arrangement and calculation support of steel sheet piles include how many steel sheet piles we use and how to allocate them.

The support system for internal force calculation mainly refers to the support bearing capacity of steel sheet piles.

Calculation of buried depth requires us to construct according to the control standards for profound control of steel sheet piles. Stability and deformation estimation is more critical, and we need to consider various factors in the entire construction process.

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